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Genetic studies laboratory

Feel Good, Enjoy Life Studies We improve your quality and lifestyle through next-generation genetic sequencing studies.
Why wait for a disease to appear if we can prevent it by identifying potential problems and implementing changes in our lifestyles?

We have state-of-the-art sequencing technology and have the ability to sequence, interpret, and develop products to cover the needs you may have in your clinical practice. Our team specialized in genetics has more than 13 years of experience, who reviews each variant to ensure that the results of their patients are issued based on the most recent scientific knowledge, providing reliability.

Learn about our process

taking buccal swab sample

Your specialist physician will take a celular sample to realize the analyzes

analysis of the sample

The doctor will send to our laboratory the sample to do the respective analysis

knowing the results

We will provide you and the doctor with the results of the studies and our conclussions

Relevance of genetic information

image doctor checking rx

As a patient

Our DNA contains unique information about our genetic predispositions to develop certain diseases. By understanding our genetic information, doctors are able to offer a more personalized approach to care and tailored to our individual needs.
This can help prevent disease, identify potential risks and develop more effective treatments

As treating physician

It allows us to take preventive measures in the treatment of patients, such as suggesting changes in their lifestyle, suggest more frequent screening tests, identify reactions to certain medications, or seek specific treatment options.

By sharing our genetic information in an anonymous and protected way, we can contribute to scientific research and medical advances.

Genetic data collected from many people can help research centers identify new genes associated with diseases, develop more effective therapies and improve the understanding of human genetics in general.